Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Losing The Weight Forever

Losing the weight forever is generally a person's hope, but so many find themselves continually dieting. This is quite often no fault of their own. There seems like there are a billion diets out there, some even effective in helping people lose weight. What people need to understand though is that losing weight is only one part of the goal. The other part, a huge part, is keeping that lost weight off. The third part of the goal should be to accomplish this in the healthiest manner possible.

Losing the weight forever requires not a "diet," but a lifestyle change. Nothing big, just a few little tweaks. If you want to continually diet, then you simply need to follow every diet whim that comes a long. Cut calories here and there, sometimes dangerously, deprive yourself of bread or potatoes, never eat chocolate, don't eat dairy products, don't eat pizza, don't eat a donut, don't eat fruit, just eat vegetables, but not certain vegetables, no wheat, no sugar, no soda, no cookies, count your points, grams of fat, your carbohydrates, your calories, etc. You get the point, right? There are so many diets out there saying do this and don't do that. Some have some scientific points to why you should do their diet.

The problem is, do you want to do that diet for the rest of your life or would it even be healthy to do so? Now, there are some people who can do a "diet," lose weight, then change their lifestyle appropriately and keep the weight off. The majority of people, however, lose the weight (although many of the diets are not very effective in even that), then go back to whatever they were doing before dieting, and the weight returns and they are not any healthier for their efforts. So, what are these tweaks that can make the weight loss once and forever?

Weight Loss Can Be Forever
The weight can be loss forever by some simple tweaks in your lifestyle and you can kiss the continual diet lifestyle goodby. This may not be as difficult as you might think and you don't have to give up your favorite foods. Your body does not have to be deprived of the nutrition it needs either. You can have better health and energy. This is nothing new here, a healthy weight comes from good daily nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. To get adequate nutrition, obviously, one still needs to manage daily food choices. People gain weight for different reasons and these should be addressed, so you can develop a lifestyle program that helps to alleviate these causes. Then develop a plan that you can follow your whole life. A plan that does not cut out healthy foods, but also does not cut out your favorite foods.

Obviously, if your downfall is, let's say ice cream, for example, you will have to make a plan that allows ice cream in your diet, but not excessively. The same holds true as it has for centuries, our bodies need protein, grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables, some fat, etc. You can incorporate these into your diet with your own plan to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of these, then add in your favorite food once in a while. It takes some discipline and determination to change. That's true for any goal, right? After a few weeks though, it should become habit as long as you have created an enjoyable balance that works.

Simplify Losing The Weight Forever
To simplify losing the weight forever, find an easy to follow program that will ensure you are getting all the nutrition your body needs, losing the weight and have a lifestyle plan to keep the weight off forever. You need to find, not so much a diet, but a nutritional program that contributes to this lifelong healthy lifestyle. Again, this program should allow you to lose unwanted weight in a healthy way, maintain a healthy weight, while still being able to eat your favorite foods.

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