Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Is the Difference Between Losing Inches Vs Weight Loss?

What would you rather lose inches or weight? Whenever I do a public speaking engagement I ask that question and I invariably see in the eyes of the audience a bit of confusion and usually I will have someone ask, "What is the difference?"

There are a lot of guru's out there talking about cutting calories and increasing your exercise regime. Both of which will have an impact, but normally people bottom-line it and want to know, how much weight will I lose?

Let me define for you the difference; when you lose weight it doesn't necessarily mean you have shrunk in size; when you lose inches you have shrunk the size of your dimensions or you have made a smaller you!

As a matter of fact by going on a "diet" you may have just started the never-ending cycle of "yo-yo" dieting. If you have ever lost weight only to have it come back with a few of its cousins called poundage, you know what I am talking about.

If I want to lose something it is size! You and I both want to be in a smaller sized pair of pants or slacks or a skirt that is what I am talking about when I say lose inches.

Most diets set you up for disappointment because they focus on the surface issues; increasing metabolism and curb overeating. There are definitely several underlying issues, outside of the psychological ones, things like food addiction, unmanageable cravings, low metabolic output, insulin resistant fat gain and having no thermogenic engine.

Dieting works like this:

1. You find a product that promotes you losing weight by supposedly increasing your metabolism and curbing your appetite. Most products typically have stimulants and may give you a false sense of helping!

2. You cut calories. Essentially you start to starve yourself; this causes your body to burn muscle mass which actually helps to burn fat and allows your metabolism to run at a much higher rate!

3. You start to lose weight in the form of "water weight". Basically, you are dehydrating the organs throughout your system, but you lose some weight, this can be very dangerous!

Working on the underlying issues instead of going on fad "diets" will give you the long-term success and inch-loss you are looking for.

How? Within Colostrum is found a substance called "Leptin", it comes from the word "letpos" which means thin!

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, once you trigger the leptin and IGF-1 factor within the body, you will shrink in size not to mention overcome the underlying issues that people face when they have gained weight like overcoming the satiety (fullness) communication gap between the stomach and the brain; overcoming cravings and cleansing the palate; increasing your thermogenic burn (burning calories instead of storing them); building underlying lean muscle (your fat burning engine) and balancing insulin resistant fat gain.


Wafaa Younis said...

We all need good news and chocolate at any time and the good news is in the same sentence, you have to be earth shattering. If you're like me, who love and crave chocolate more than any other food. Unfortunately, until recently chocolate was one of the many foods forbidden in all diets.

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