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Weight Loss and What Your Body Shape Is Telling You!

The shape of the body that you see in the mirror is a clue to what is going on inside. Hormones that are involved in metabolism have the purpose of directing where your body stores and places fat. It is this function that creates different body shapes based on each individual's uniqueness. This phenomenon is now believed to be the reason why so many people are not successful losing weight. This is also believed to be the reason why the one size fits all approach to weight loss does not work. Each body shape is an indication of glandular problems / issues that makes generalized approaches to weight management ineffective. Weight loss must first start with an understanding of what the real problem is related to what body shape is signaling about what is going on internally. Weight loss must take this into consideration as it relates to the specific approach one uses to get rid of those oftentimes stubborn unwanted pounds.

The Four Body Shapes

The ADRENAL, OVARY, THYROID, and LIVER body shapes are indicative of weaknesses or problems in the various organs referenced. The keys to weight loss problems are related to the type of fat and where that fat has been directed to accumulate with each body shape.

-OVARY: In women, if there is an ovary problem, there is and accumulation of an excess superficial estrogen cellulite type fat that accumulates around the hips and thighs with a lower stomach bulge just under the bellybutton.

THYROID: Because thyroid hormones are directed throughout the body, an overall appearance of weight gain will result. The fat accumulates throughout the body between the cells. The accumulated substance is more of a waste like material than fat. This condition is known as myxedema (myxa.....mucus / slime - edema....swelling) a condition that is much like a sponge that holds onto liquids not wanting to release them.

LIVER: Problems in this organ result in a pot-belly type of appearance. This condition may not have anything to do with fat. Fluid leaks or other problems with the liver could possibly be the cause of the pot-belly.

ADRENAL: Fat accumulates within the abdominal cavity resulting in a pendulous or sagging abdomen.

The real problem with weight loss has less to do with calories consumed and burned than it does with metabolism and the hormones that control it. The hormones involved in metabolism look at calories differently while interacting with foods differently. Sugar and refined carbohydrates trigger fat making / storing hormones which can lead to weight gains. Weight loss therefore, is greatly compromised when these types of foods are consumed. Likewise there are hormones associated with metabolism that actually cause your body to burn fat thus facilitating weight loss through this fat burning process.

The key to successful weight loss must focus on turning on the fat burning hormones while at the same time shutting down the fat making hormones. The foods that are consumed are the triggers to making this happen. Weight loss is directly linked and correlated to what you eat more so than to calories consumed.

Get your weight loss program started immediately by eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Don't be surprised from the weight loss that can result from just doing this!

As we continue to write and discuss weight loss, future publications will focus specifically on the hormones involved in fat burning and fat making.

Hi, my name is R. F. McCarthy healthy weight loss is the key to losing and maintaining your desired body weight long term. A healthy body weight is key to your overall health, well-being, and happiness.

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