Sunday, September 18, 2011

Need To Lose A Lot Of Weight? When You Learn The Correct Diet, You Will Succeed

If you need to lose weight... even a large amount of weight... take heart! Recent studies have shown that a weight loss of even five to ten percent of your current weight significantly reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Let's say you weight 250 pounds and your ideal weight according to health charts is 130 pounds. So, you have been advised to lose 120 pounds. Now that is enough to discourage anybody.

However, suppose you were told to lose between 12 and 25 pounds. Does that sound like something you would be able to do? Let me answer for you... yes! Oftentimes folks get downright discouraged because the amount of weight they've been advised to lose is "off the wall". How can you deal with losing more than one hundred pounds? (I'll answer that too... you lose 100 pounds one ounce at a time as surely as you travel from New Jersey to California one mile at a time.)

Once you have lost five to ten percent of your weight you will benefit in two ways:

1. You will lower your risk of obesity-related diseases

2. You will know that you can indeed lose weight and you will be motivated to lose another five to ten percent.

So, how are you going to approach the needed weight loss? There are several steps:

• Consult with your doctor first. He will be able to tell you how much weight you need to lose, and how fast you can expect to lose it. Typically a realistic goal is one to three pounds per week. That may seem like a small amount in the beginning. But, think of this; if you go on a crash diet and lose more weight faster, it's not going to last, and the weight will come back, with a vengeance.

• Keep a positive attitude. If you lose two pounds per week, in one month you will have lost eight pounds. Keep that up and imagine how you will look a few months down the road. Work to a goal for a future event: Christmas, high school reunion, your son's wedding.

• Ask the doctor (or nurse or dietitian) to provide you with a written food plan which will give you guidelines as to how you should eat. For example, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce your portion sizes, eliminate sugary beverages, switch to whole grain products (breads, cereals, pasta).

• Increase your daily activity... walk, use the stairs, play with the kids, walk the dog. Try to think movement throughout your day... get in motion whenever you can.

Plan today to get started. Weigh yourself and aim to lose 2-3 pound per week for at least 4 weeks, (to re-stabilize your metabolism).

The first step is always the most important. Just getting started is the most difficult; so Start Right Now!

Manage your calorie intake the one, smart way. Lose weight the one, smart way


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