Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How HCG Drops Made a Difference In My Life

So it was almost summer again, and I needed to lose weight for the big family reunion. This is mostly my husband's family, and they're all very athletic, good looking people. When we had the last reunion, I had just had my first baby and felt like I was still pregnant. I felt so fat and out of shape that it ruined the whole vacation for me.

This reunion we were going to be out at Lake Havasu. I would be wearing my bathing suit most of the time.
I was determined not to let what happened last time happen again! I was going to do whatever it takes to get the weight off quickly, but not dangerously. I had been hearing the buzz about HCG drops from a couple of people at work, and when I found out my friend lost 20 pounds in 30 days, I did a little bit of research and decided to go for it!

What Is HCG?
It is a hormone that elevates in women who are pregnant. It increases your metabolism and suppresses the appetite of non-pregnant people who use it. The drops are homeopathic, which seems to be a much simpler, less expensive, and a safer way to go.

500 Calories - Are You Crazy!!
The other part to this plan is to limit your calorie intake to no more than 500 calories a day for a specified length of time, no more than 40 days. I know, I know, it's hardly enough to fill up a rabbit! The great thing about this, however, is that combined with the drops, you don't feel nearly as hungry as you think you would.

On this diet you lose fat that your body usually has a hard time getting rid of. Normally the body would start storing fat if you were only taking in 500 calories per day, but the HCG tricks the body so it doesn't recognize it's starving. The body starts looking for fat to burn in other areas, and whala! There goes the fat in your hips, butt, and other areas you've been trying so hard to get rid of.

What You Can Eat
I found lots of recipes and foods that you can eat while taking the drops. There are delicious soups and salads, entrees, plus fruits and veggies. It really helps to have a menu of some sort to follow so you don't go over 500 calories. They can add up pretty quick!

Some of my favorite recipes are:

• Turkey Chili
• Lemon Garlic Broccoli
• Buffalo Chicken Salad
• Strawberry Green Tea

Another thing that I really found helpful was the Quickstart guide that was included when I bought the drops. This way, you don't waste time trying to figure the diet out; you can just jump right in and get started! Like any diet, the first few days are the toughest as you get used to this new way of eating, but it's not forever!


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