Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Calorie Counter Is A Lifesaver!

Completely revamping your daily menu can be a daunting task especially if you are not accustomed to monitoring what you eat. That is why my calorie counter is a lifesaver and has truly helped me adopt the mindset of eating healthy choices and meals that are appropriately portion sized.

Take a moment to reflect on your current health and weight condition. Is losing weight a priority to you? Have you been unsuccessful in the past at becoming more fit? Possibly you have gained weight over the years attributed to eating fast food far too often every week, and are determined to make an actual change for the better.

Regardless of your reason, when you decide that losing weight is priority number one, the first step to take is to focus on the food you eat on a daily basis. This is specifically where my calorie counter is a lifesaver because it helps take away the mystery of what is in each and every meal that's set in front of me.
The point of this exercise is not for you to become a professional dietician and memorize the nutritional content of every item in your kitchen. That is not our goal here whatsoever. The reason why my calorie counter is a lifesaver is that it forces you to focus on each and every single thing you put in your mouth all day long. Instead of approaching the idea of eating healthy as a broad topic, focusing on individual healthy items will add up to an entire day that's nutritious and fulfilling.

With an effective calorie counter, you no longer have to wonder how many calories and fat are each item since it will give you a detailed breakdown of every item you input.
You can access and use most calorie counters for FREE which will not only allow you to look up foods in their database for nutritional content, but they will help you determine what an appropriate calorie count would be for your age, gender and weight loss goals.

Better yet, if you have a smartphone that can connect to the Internet like an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, you can install their free apps and keep these handy calorie counters with you at all times. This can really be the most beneficial part of these tools since we often eat away from the home, therefore being able to input your foods or check the nutritional content on the go can really be a valuable asset in your arsenal to combat weight loss and obesity.

On a number of occasions when I was tempted to purchase a cheeseburger or fried chicken combo from a popular fast food chain, I inputted the meal into my calorie counter and the results I received steered me away from that unhealthy choice. Once I found out about that meal with 1,800 calories, it didn't sound appealing any longer. Maybe this is how a calorie counter will help motivate you.
When you are ready to explore the tools calorie counters can provide, you can do a simple search in Google and browse the top results or if you would like to inspect the two that I use, here are links to their websites. Again, they are absolutely FREE to use.
The moment you start using a calorie counter, the program/app will ask you for some basic information in order to get a daily calorie total that will allow you to meet your goals.
For instance, maybe for your age, gender, and body type, in order to lose two pounds of weight per week, you are allotted 1,700 calories per day. With this amount you now have a target to strive for on a daily basis and by using a calorie counter, you can come pretty close to an accurate total for each day
When you have a specific calorie count to strive for each day, you can then focus on items and meals that will help you stay at or near that amount on a daily basis. If you continue to do this every week, and concern yourself with just healthy choices that will be beneficial and nutritious for your body, you will lose that weight you want to be rid of. Pretty soon you will be saying "My calorie counter is a lifesaver!"

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