Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 Diet Tips to Curb Cravings and Lessen Appetite

Last week, I was standing at the back of the bus just passing Colorado Blvd. It was a hot 100 degrees outside. I was coming home late in the afternoon after helping set up for an event. Because of car problems I was taking the good ole' public transportation.

I got off one stop early. No, I didn't want to add more walking into my day (however, that doesn't hurt) but because I wanted to avoid a favorite Boba (tapioca) drink place which is a mostly high in sugar, empty calories beverage. I got off a stop early and had no food places that entice me to eat or drink something that wasn't healthy for me.

Do you have any specific junk foods you crave often? What ever it may be, whether an ice cream shop or a pizza place, be aware of your diet GPS. I have a sweet tooth so I watch my surrounding of food places. What can you do? Well, you can change your route or take the highway home where you avoid those spots. I'm good when my diet GPS is on!

I'm no cookie monster. I swear! I do have my share of cravings. Some, if not most, junk foods (salty, fatty sugary stuff) make you crave your brain to eat more. Yes! So it's not entirely your fault.
What to do: For the next several weeks, cut your junk food cravings by 2 portions off your normal serving size. Do it slowly.

Every few weeks or even a month (do it slow and make the habit stick) cut 2 more portions sizes. Or it could be 2 bites less of what you normally eat.

By slowly weaning yourself of those junk foods, you won't feel deprived.

If you crave the sweet stuff often. Sugar cravings supplement tip: Use the most prevalent amino acid in the
body: L-glutamine. I get the capsule version. This can help curb sugar food cravings. Ingest 5 grams in between meals. Or break open a capsule and take 5 grams by sprinkling it under your tongue (for emergency moments).

Find substitutes for your favorite junk foods. This could be baked sweet potatoes instead of french fries. This could be frozen yogurt without sugar rich toppings instead of ice cream. Hummus and vegetables instead of chips and dip. Start by learning to make or prepare healthy alternatives to your junk food cravings.
Also, if you have fresh fruit, make them accessible on the table and not hidden in the fridge for a healthier, natural snack.

It's not just about how many calories you're eating but how you eat it. Here are simple ways to enhance your environment:
Small plates works. A smaller (appetizer size) plate on top of a larger plate. Have you been to a restaurant with two plates on top of another. A bowl on top of a plate. It can give an illusion of your food being more substantial. You'll trim portion and make the presentation better (more food)
Aim for green leafy salad first. This should at close and in view from best as possible. Put the meats and starchy carbs away from you (or keep it in the kitchen our out of sight).

Blue tones colors may help lessen appetite but red and yellow can stimulate hunger. If you aren't going to paint your kitchen or dining room, certain scents can help decrease your hunger such as peppermint, vanilla, lemon, grapefruit and apple. Also, this can also enhance your mealtime atmosphere and make eating more pleasant. Dab essential oils under your nostrils or place a drop or two on a napkin.

Refined carb cravings strong? Have a lean protein with every meal. Power up by eating more lean protein. It takes more energy to break down. This can help by sending a more satisfying fullness quicker. Avoid empty calories foods. You see, carbs like rolls, pastas, potatoes help release seratonin which is a feel good hormone and will make you want to eat more.

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