Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Lose Weight In Your Stomach In 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to lose weight in your stomach is important for many women, especially those who want to impress someone at a party, or just look wonderful in a swim-suit over the week-end.

Asian women are often taught several methods to lose stomach fat and you can learn their tricks and obtain the sexy shape you're after in no time.

The first thing to note, is that extreme weight loss methods aren't the right way to safely learn how to lose weight in your stomach.

Treatments like exotic dieting pills with mystery ingredients, plastic wraps which suffocate your skin and lock toxins in, and even restrictive undergarments that hold in the loose skin, are never a lasting solution to the problem.

Instead, you can seek healthy and natural solutions for how to lose weight in your stomach and get identical (if not superior) results... without harming your body!

Here are some good tips to get you on your path:

1. Try to consume 1,200 calories of food daily

No one wants to have to use a calculator to work out their calories every hour, so keep things simple. Find out the calorie count of some of your favourite meals, add the calories of 2 snacks (1 between break-fast and lunch and 1 between break-fast and dinner) and get an approximate figure.

After you've done this, stick with it. Learning how to lose weight in your stomach isn't a huge magic secret, it's just an accumulation of smaller secrets that add up to produce a significant effect... stick with 1200 calories each day, divided up into three large meals along with a couple of snacks.

2. Take a walk before breakfast

Your walk doesn't have to be long, just 15 to 20 minutes is fine. Walk for 60 seconds at a normal pace, then 60 seconds more quickly. Repeat until you've hit the 20 minute mark.

Complete the walk by going home and eating a breakfast that includes lean protein (eggs, tofu, meat, soy, cottage cheese or chicken) and some fruit (a banana, orange or apple).

3. Watch less TV and cut down time spent on your PC

Just by reducing your television, computer, or other resting activities by 25 percent every day, you'll burn up an added 2600 calories every week!

When you sit for lengthy time periods, be it in the office or home, your metabolism almost comes to a standstill. It doesn't matter how active your brain might be.

This is important because, if your metabolic rate falls, none of the many methods for how to lose weight in your stomach will work. Try to sit as little as possible, even if you just stand in place.

So, learning how to lose weight in your stomach is really very simple. Women from Asia often use these methods to remove the fat from their bellys and thighs in under a month... WITHOUT having to starve or do any crazy work-outs.

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