Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Kinds of Food You Can Eat and Still Lose Weight for Good

Most people ask themselves, "What kinds of food can I eat and still lose weight?" Well, the answers to the questions are here in this article. There are all kinds of nutritious, delicious foods you can eat. It's possible to do this because many of the foods people think are not healthy actually are. I'm talking about foods like coconut oil, butter, bacon, and raw nuts. Yes, many of those foods contain a high amount of fat. But I'm going to let you in on a very important fat loss secret right now. Know that fat does not make you fat!. You actually need fat in order to lose your unwanted weight. The trick is to make sure it's the right kind of fat. Unfortunately, many people have been led to believe that fat make them fatter. People still think that butter and saturated fats are the reason heart disease is one of the top killers in the world today. The main truth is that natural fats do not causes any health problems. It's the sugar, processed, packaged foods and over consumption of refined foods that causing diseases like heart disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.

The consumption of refined food as increased to about 80% which has become problem to people health, So you now know the actual statistics. because of the increase in refined oils, sugar, and processed foods has gone hand in hand with the increase in so many different diseases in the world today. When you stop eating margarine, refined oils, "fake" butters, sugar and processed foods... your health gets so much better. When you stop taking in white food 'refined food' you will lose a ton of body fat immediately. This is what you will benefit for lose weight. You will get clearer, healthier skin, then you have more energy and mental focus, you will look and feel younger, your strength increases and the aches and pains start to go away.

It's important to know that buying food stuff from the market make sure that they are natural food. You most notice that the butter you use is organic and grass-fed. The coconut oil you use is organic and unrefined and the bacon you buy is grass-fed and nitrite/nitrate free. But these are ALL great foods you can add to your daily meal plan. Foods like these are not only healthy... they'll make any recipe absolutely delicious. I want to share with you one of my favorite chicken flavor recipes or Chicken pepper stew recipes.


One large chicken

300g fresh chili pepper

Fresh tomatoes

3 large onions

2 clove garlic

1 tbsp thyme

1 tbsp curry

1 pint of groundnut oil

Salt and pepper to test


Wash and cut the chicken. And salt, pepper, seasoning and onions, cook for 20 to 30 minutes or until tender. Heat up half of the oil in a pan and fry the cooked chicken until brown. In another pot add the rest of the oil, ground onions chili pepper and tomatoes, boil for 20 minute until fairly dry. Add the tomato puree and water or stock or so desired. Stir thoroughly and add the fried chicken pieces. Cook and simmer gently for another 12 minutes, stirring frequently until well blended. Drain off excessive oil that rises to the top. Remove from fire. And it's ready to eat.

So please, keep in mind that it's not the fat that's keeping you fat. It's the refined oils, "fake" foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners that are the real culprits.And before I forget... you must stop taking any white foods plan. If you haven't started yet, go ahead and do it today. You'll be pleasantly surprised with how you feel.

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