Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five Most Effective Exercises for Losing Weight

There are exercises for getting rid of flab in particular places of the body, but most exercises generally have beneficial effects on the whole body. Some exercises are more efficient than others in helping you lose weight. The exercises cited here are very easy, do not require any expensive equipment, and are unbelievably most effective for losing excess body fat and for promoting good health for all age types.

1. Brisk Walking. It is something that won't cost you anything and you can do this anywhere, anytime, using just only a pair of light, soft, and comfortable walking shoes. The experts say that a 30-minute brisk walk can burn up to 250 calories.

2. Yoga. Practicing any type of yoga is good for your heart and your overall health. It also reduces stress, improves your mental acuity, and builds body strength. Any type of yoga is good and there are plenty of yoga types. One good example of weight-loss yoga is Power Yoga. A 90-minute power yoga done every day can bring immense benefits to your health as well as help you lose weight. The breathing pattern associated with power yoga 1) helps you to burn fat, and 2) makes you feel less hungry.

3. Deep Breathing. Others call this "belly breathing" or "diaphragmatic breathing." Patricia Bacall calls this Bliss breathing. She says: "Breath is the essence of life. If we are shallow breathers, we limit our life force and our experience of vibrant good health and enthusiasm." You might think that since deep breathing doesn't require physical exertion or force, it might not help you lose weight. But it does. Regular breathing uses only one-fifth of our lung capacity, but deep diaphragmatic breathing uses our lungs more effectively. Deep breathing helps to create a healthy shape and healthy internal organs.According to the authors of "The Core Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight for Good", the act of breathing causes your metabolic rate to increase and the oxygen you breathe in is needed for proper organ functioning and for the burning of body fat. "Taking in deep breaths allows you to derive many of the advantages associated with regular aerobics exercises." Breathe-yourself-thin proponents advocate special deep breathing exercises to flatten your tummy and make you feel good, strong, and happy. If we regularly deep-breathe, we become healthy, energetic, and we don't overeat because we feel less hungry.

4. Tai-Chi. This is a moving form of yoga and meditation that uses movements derived from the natural movements of animals and birds, performed slowly, softly, and gracefully. It is deeply rooted in Chinese meditation, medicine, and martial arts. The practitioners of the sport assert that Tai-chi is useful for martial arts, hand combat, and also as meditative exercise for the body to promote health and vitality. It corrects poor posture and fosters a calm mind. Thirty minutes of Tai-chi burns about 140 calories in a woman. It is a moderate way of losing weight, of improving muscle flexibility & blood circulation, and it is an excellent way of regaining optimum health by improving heart function, blood circulation, body strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Anyone can do the series of gently flowing, graceful postures.

5. Aerobics. It is a form of physical exercise that combines stretching, rhythmic movements, and strength training exercise to promote physical fitness. It is usually performed to music using different levels of intensity and complexity. This exercise can be done alone at home or with a group in a gym.

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