Monday, April 9, 2012

Fat Loss Is Not Easy! Can I Ever Be Successful at Losing Weight?

Losing weight is not easy! In fact, it is quite hard!

The hardest part is getting started and if you don't get started with the right protocol, your frustrations will multiply and you will sabotage your own health by giving up and going back to the "easy life" eating whatever you want, whenever you want it while you are slowly wreaking havoc on your health and ruining your own quality of life.

Are you a person who has been there and done that so many times over and over again?

To get started, you need a guide that will give you what it takes to jump start your fat loss journey.

To begin with, you need to understand that you did NOT gain these excess pounds over night and I am sorry to say, you will not lose them overnight!

Just that very thought of not being able to lose that weight overnight is enough to make a person freeze up and say "it is not worth it, I'll just stay overweight".

The thought of being forced to follow a long range plan is frightening to many people because you just might fail! You have failed before, it will happen again.

Anyway, that is a mindset of many people. You are not alone!

You see, losing weight takes a plan and most of us have not stuck to a long range eating plan long enough to really be successful, or have we?

The following is a thought that has helped people so much in their fat loss:

You see, you may not realize this, but you are already in a long range plan, the plan of adding unhealthy fat to your body rather slowly for a period of time. Most likely this has been a long period of time.

So, you see, a committed plan isn't all that hard! You have been doing it.

You have been very consistent and intelligent about following all the rules to add fat to your body!

You have been very good at sticking to your plan and setting up all of your rules to keep yourself on the fat building plan!

So, you see, you ARE very good at following a plan and you have been doing it for quite some time.

You do have what it takes to follow a long range plan that slowly adds fat to your body!

So, what if you reverse that plan?

Try changing your thought process to slowly taking fat off of your body and doing this in a consistent, intelligent matter. What would happen if you dare to do this?

Change your thinking and it will change who you are.

You have been following your plan with skill and determination, the only thing is you were just doing it backwards!

You have proven to yourself that you can stick to a long range plan and give yourself credit for it.

Forget that it was a plan that had the wrong end results. That doesn't matter right now...what matters is you can follow a plan.

You need to find the right plan, the plan that will change your life forever because it is a lifelong plan and it is an eating style that will save you.

There are programs out there where you get to eat and eat a lot!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying "dieting" can be and how you can make it into a lifelong plan if you find the plan that suits your lifestyle and your fat loss needs.


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