Monday, April 9, 2012

5 Tips to Lower Body Fat

The goal to lower body fat can be easier depending on your body's metabolism. Some people are just lucky enough where they never gain weight in spite of how much they eat or how old they are. For most people though, the struggle is very real to keep body fat from taking over their lives.

Here are 5 tips you can try to adopt to lose body fat. Many of these are permanent solutions but only if you follow a strict schedule. This means you can't just do the activity when you feel like it but making a commitment to adopt it into your daily routine or lifestyle.

Tip 1: Eat Your Complex Carbohydrates But Do It before 7PM

Complex carbohydrates are better than simple because they are like time-release energy. This allows your body to digest better and you don't have to worry about the carbs turning into excess body fat. Also, by eating your carbs before 7 pm, your body is given enough time to digest and use the energy.

Tip 2: Fat is Good!

Don't avoid fat. Just be choosy. Your body needs fat especially if you live in cold countries. Good fat can give you insulation and protect you from serious injuries when you fall. It's important to eat unsaturated fat and other healthy fats like coconut oil and the essential fatty acids. Of course, this does not give you free rein to eat as much unsaturated fat food items as you want. Moderation is still the byword.

Tip 3: Control Your Portions

One problem many overweight people have is what is known as "eye candy." They look at food like a kid would look at candy in a store. There's nothing wrong with candy if taken in small quantities. The same applies with food. Avoid the buffet table and piling up your plate with food.

Tip 4: Do Workouts for Your Heart

Cardio workouts are good in reducing body fat and staying fit and healthy. Your heart will also enjoy the good workout and be able to endure more the longer your exercise. If you can't climb 3 flights of stairs without feeling tired, then you need to start working out now.

Tip 5: Avoid Commercially Prepared Food

Try home-cooking. You'll be able to control the fat content and oil used, and it will probably taste better than a fast food meal or a cardboard-tasting TV dinner.


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