Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Versatile Coconut Water

You may have seen this often on road sides and beaches complete with a straw sticking out the green fruit. But more than a refreshing summer drink, coconut water have lots of other benefits for people.

Tree of life

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is considered as a tree of life for virtually every part of it can be used as food and for manufacturing different products. This versatile tree is highly common in South Asia and can be found in practically every tropical country. The main producer of this tropical fruit is the Philippines where it is highly popular especially as an ingredient to dishes and local desserts.

Coconut fruit

The fruit is basically covered by the thick green (or brown when matured) skin called husk that once removed will show the shell. When the coconut shell is cracked open, inside it is the edible white flesh. In unripe green coconuts, the white flesh is still in a jelly-like state and the cavity is filled with the coconut water. As the fruit ripens, the fluid becomes part of the flesh. That is why coconuts meant to provide the beneficial fluid is harvested early, when the fruit is still unripe.

Coconut water

It is dubbed as the second purest liquid in the world, next to water. Made up of 95% water, others consider it as an excellent source of fluid for providing minerals and electrolytes when the body is under strenuous physical activity. What's more, coconut water has more potassium than banana and even more electrolytes compared to commercial sports drinks. It has numerous minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium and chloride that are ideal for the body to replace lost energy.

Aside from keeping the body hydrated, fluids like coconut water can put the metabolism at its efficient level, making it another favorite drink of people wanting to lose some weight. Coconut water also aids in maintaining normal body temperature and enables an efficient transfer of oxygen and different nutrients to the cells.

The following are some health benefits this natural liquid can offer:

Kidney problems. Drinking it regularly can diminish urinary problems and symptoms of kidney ailments. People with kidney stones can drink this in conjunction with their medications as it helps in breaking up and eliminating the stones.

Blood transfusion. Because of its similarity to blood plasma, coconut water has also been used in blood transfusions. In fact, during World War II, many soldiers were saved by using it as plasma because it mixes with blood easily. It can also serve as a replacement to IV fluid used to hydrate the body.

Antibacterial. The water inside the coconut has monolaurin that can kill lipid-coated viruses and other pathogenic bacteria.

Eliminate intestinal worms. If it is coupled with a teaspoon of olive oil can kill worms in the digestive system when drank for at least 3 days.

Diabetes. If mixed with lemon juice is even more helpful as the mixture can regulate the level of blood sugar and boost metabolism that prevents fat from being stored.

Promotes healthy skin. Cytokinins and lauric acid in coconut water can minimize skin aging and keeps tissues hydrated and strong. You can also try applying coconut water directly onto the skin during night time to help in skin problems.

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