Monday, January 9, 2012

Look Better in the Mirror

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do it now. Go look. After you go look, come back and continue reading. Did you like what you saw in the mirror? If so, that's great. You may close this article right now. However, if you were not pleased with what you saw in the mirror, I have a few suggestions for you. Is it your body weight that you were not pleased with? If you are not pleased with your body weight, there are a few things you can do to achieve your desired weight. First of all, stop eating junk food. Secondly, drink the adequate amount of water and follow a healthy diet plan. Thirdly, exercise for about ninety minutes each and every day. If you do the following, you will be pleased with the reflection of yourself in the mirror.

Many people like eating junk food. They like eating food from McDonald's and other fast food places. They like eating donuts, candy, chips, and other stuff that is not healthy for them. That food is readily available. It takes no time to cook it. People prefer that type of food because they can purchase it fast and eat it even faster. Those people who eat that type of food may or may not be aware of the health effects those foods will have on them. Those who do not now are excused. But those who do know, are just in denial, thinking that a little burger and some fries will not hurt them. My friends, that junk food is bad for you. Whether you eat a little of it, and definitely if you eat a lot. Your goal should be to cut out that food completely. That food is not good for you, it might even lead to your death if you do not stop eating it soon. Eat other foods that are healthier for you. Follow a better diet plan.

Speaking of a better diet plan, the first thing you should always do is drink enough water each day. The amount of water that your body requires depends on your weight. Visit a search engine and type in "recommended amount of daily water intake by weight." There will be a chart that explains to you how much water to drink by weight. It should not be more than twelve cups of water a day, for anybody. Once you have found how much water you need daily, it ranges between eight to twelve cups a day, drink that amount each day. Do not wait until the day is almost gone to start drinking your water. Start early in the morning with a glass of water, then drink some water all throughout the day. You may also have a water bottle. Water bottles are the best because they can be closed. It does not matter how you get your water, as long as you drink enough each day.

In addition to drinking the adequate amount of water daily, follow a good diet plan. Eat foods that are high in proteins and fiber. Make sure to stay away from foods that are high in fats, specifically saturated fats. Eat foods like oatmeal, broccoli, spinach, raisins, green split peas, lentils, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, black rice, turkey, lamb, eggs, milk, oranges, apples, pears, celery, carrots, etc. Pretty much, have a diet full of fruit, vegetables, lean meats(ones low in fat), milk(soy or regular), and other healthy foods. In the case of milk and meat, it's up to you to decide which type of milk, if any, that you will drink. And also decide which type of meat, if at all, you will eat. Some people think that the human body can do without meat. Others think that humans need some meat in their diet. That is up to you to decide. As long as the meat you eat is lean, and low in fat, you will not gain weight by eating it.

Exercise is important for everybody. If you have not had adequate exercise recently, now is the time to start. Exercising is so simple, and so beneficial to our lives. Yet some people do not take the time to get some exercise. Walking is exercise. If you take the time to walk outside, that is adequate exercise. Whenever you have free time, take a walk outside. When you walk, your heart pumps blood in the body faster than when you are sitting down. Walking helps your body burn fat. If you are used to sitting down all the time, your heart will suffer because it will not be getting the adequate amount of blood pumped through your body. Another great type of exercise that does not take a lot of effort is running. If you take the time to run, maybe a half a mile a day, your body will greatly appreciate it. The more you run, the more healthier your body will get. If you are not used to running or walking, the best thing to start out with is walking. Once you are used to walking, you may start running. The objective of exercise is to get your heart pumping the way it needs to.

You have just read the article. It is now up to you to follow the pieces of advice given above. Eliminate junk food from your diet; drink plenty of water daily; eat the right foods; and exercise each day. If you do all of those things, in a few months you will take a look in that mirror and you will be like the other people who closed the article after the first five sentences.

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