Monday, December 5, 2011

Practice Weight Control by Playing Drums

Not only can banging away to some legends of classic rock be an absolute blast, playing the musical instrument can also assist with your weight control. Several studies over the last few decades have concluded that numerous calories are burnt while playing drums. The different statistics range between 170 and 275 calories per hour spent playing. Deciding factors include your sex, the size of your body, the equipment used, and the time you actually spend playing, as well as your speed and power. Meanwhile, playing the instrument also improves your stamina. Even stress is relieved. It can certainly be fun than go running for an hour. Perhaps you should start relying on playing drums to help lose belly fat in no time.

When it comes to drumming, you have various styles to choose from. The hard-hitting drummers in rock bands often contain the most skill. Their bodies are highly coordinated. They usually possess thin frames with lean muscles cut in their arms and legs. After all, it is not so easy to bang away for 30, 60 or even 90 minutes at a time, let alone put on a 3 hour concert. Plenty of physical strength and cardiovascular endurance is necessary. On the other hand, drummers of classical, jazz, country and marching bands do not get to burn the same high number of calories as rock musicians. The average rock drum player's heart rate is roughly 150 beats per minute while playing for an extended amount of time. This amazing number shows that drumming can be as hard and productive to your body as a full contact sport, such as football.

Medical studies have shown that you do not need to join a gym and spend hours working out to be as in shape as a football player. After all, multiple parts of your body will be exercised with a drum set. Meanwhile, professional ball players hit the field once a week, when drummers often go for hours every day. Quite often, you move your hands and arms with as much force possible. Meanwhile, your leg muscles will stimulate your foot to slam down on the foot pedal of the mighty bass drum. Beats are created with your body's pumping force. Accuracy comes into play. This is often what separates the boy drummers from the men living the lives of rock stars. It takes a full commitment on your part. You'll have to spend hours at a time, to go with a love for the tunes you are creating. You really can beat the drums to a mean tempo and earn quick weight loss results.

If you are overweight, you will not have to play drums with an equal intensely as a thin individual in order to lose the same amount of weight. In other words, you may be able to burn the same number of calories in 45 minutes of drumming as a better fit musician burns in an hour. It's true, the better shape your body is in, the harder it can be to lose fat quickly behind the drums.

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