Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Manage Emotional Eating: 5 Golden Rules

5 Golden Rules For Managing Emotional Eating:

1. Acknowledgement
2. Acceptance
3. Appreciation
4. Allow
5. Action

I bet you never thought about emotional eating as something useful or valuable. My guess is that it is something that you have tried to rid yourself of most of your life. Maybe it's even something you fight with on a daily or perhaps even on an hourly basis. I further suggest that you have seen emotional eating as a major impediment to your weight loss success. Something that you're sure is the cause of your weight problem. Am I right on any of these points?

But what if there were another way to look at it? I invite you to consider, just for a moment, that emotional eating is more of a messenger than a menace. A messenger whose message is flagged with the highest importance. An urgent message that concerns your life! What if it held the secrets to your goals, dreams and desires?

Would you feel differently about emotional eating then?

What if it were a fabulous tool - a key even? A master-key to your weight loss success! And if it were, would you then treasure this key?

How would you treat this new found treasure - a treasure you now want to keep? Not with trying to get rid of it, that's for sure! And surely not with disdain or contempt. No. You would have a totally different attitude, one that encompasses the 5 Golden Rules for Managing Emotional Eating listed above.

Firstly, you would acknowledge this treasure. You would see it in a different, more positive light.

Secondly, you would accept this treasure as representing a new truth. No longer denying or disregarding it.

Thirdly, you would be so grateful for this gift. You would appreciate the valuable information this key is unlocking and making available to you.

Fourthly you would allow this treasure to give you what it is offering. Not resist, not block, but be open to all this messenger has to tell you.

Lastly, you would take action, action in the form of being an active listener. This treasure trove of life messages that emotional eating gives you is specific guidance that you can act upon to improve your life.

So how about giving this approach a try? Let emotional eating be your best friend. A friend that is there for you and who only has your best interests at heart.

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