Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Get a Six Pack Fast - Diet Part 1 - Just the Facts

Our society has a total obsession with learning how to get a six pack. Am I right?

Everywhere you look there are ads like these:

Learn how to get a six pack fast!
Learn how to get a six pack in a month!
How to get a six pack in a week!
How to get flat, ripped abs!

But believe it or not, it's a human obsession, and not just a male one. Ever since the dawn of time man has been fascinated by his fellow man as the subject of art.

Think of the sculptures seen in the famous museums around the world -- men with chiseled bodies and rippling six packs.

Today this article is going to share some good news with you: learning how to get a six pack fast is not as difficult as it sounds.

I'm going to give you the quick run down fact vs fiction on the HOW-TO part of the process:

How to Get Flat Ripped Abs - The Most Important Thing

Learning how to get a six pack fast is all about your diet. Bottom line. End of story.

Let me repeat that: getting those flat abs fast entails perfecting your diet, which will account for 90% of your success.

Unless you are training to be a world class athlete (training multiple hours per day), your diet is going to be the most important determinant of whether or not your abs will show.

Because having a six pack is all about belly fat.

Belly fat is the reason why ab exercises won't help you. Belly fat is the reason why exercise alone won't help you. And belly fat is the reason why you've been killing yourself but aren't seeing the results you desire.

We're going to talk more about diet specifics later, but there is one other long-standing myth that needs to be cleared up.

You don't need abdominal exercises to have a six pack.

Abdominal exercises tend to fool people into believing they are working hard towards getting a lean, flatter stomach.

But here's the truth: ab exercises will get you no closer to ever getting a six pack fast.

Here's what actually happens when you do ab exercises, and why you don't need them:

#1 We tend to overdo abdominal exercises, which gives the body no time to recover and actually grow.

Growth happens when you're not working out, remember that. Pretty much every exercise, with the exception of bicep curls, works your abs. They are the core of your body, and thus any whole-body movement will make them strong. But there is still fat covering them.

#2 Your abs may get stronger, but they don't show anymore because they are covered by inches of fat.

People in the gym tend to say that ab exercises are the worst part of their regime - grueling, painful, and disliked Save yourself the time and instead invest that time properly into learning how to get a six pack fast.

The true "secret" to learning how to get a six pack in 3 minutes

The bottom line diet advice for how how to get six pack abs, and having a lean, ripped midsection is this:

For every 7 days of the week, spend 6 of them eating a perfect diet.

What does a perfect diet mean?

Nothing out of a box that you can find in the center of a grocery store
No bread (none!)
No fruit juices
No beer
No oatmeal
No pasta
Plenty meats and vegetables
Nuts, seeds, some rice and quinoa
And remember not to be afraid of fat

In your diet you want as few carbohydrates as you can get.

You want moderate levels of fats.

Moderate levels of protein and animal meats.

You will feel full when you eat, you will sleep better, and your head will be clearer during the day. It'll change your life all in addition to teaching you how to get ripped abs.

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