Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homer Sacrifices Beloved Doughnuts to Eliminate His Fat Belly

You can call it love. You can also call it infatuation, addiction, or just plain stupidity. Homer cannot get enough doughnuts. If you ask the man to pick up a 6-pack on the way to the party, he will question how many glazed you want with that? Yet, he is now a middle-aged man with an extremely fat belly. It is time for Homer to tear up his Frequent-Doughnut-Card, and start taking better care of his body. As the boy constantly reminds him, he is not getting any younger, and his stomach is not growing any thinner. When it comes to Homer's health, doughnuts are the enemy.

Since the Dutch introduced doughnuts to the US in the Nineteenth Century, they are now usually made with holes to easily be dunked into coffee. These days, Homer can devour half-a-dozen doughnuts with any one cup of java. The fried pastries could be consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner and anytime in-between, thanks to the modern invention of 24-hour drive-throughs. He never cared that each glazed doughnut to go into his fat belly contains between 175 and 250 calories. Every adored jelly or cream-filled doughnut has even more calories, passing the 300 calorie mark.

Unlike vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables, doughnuts lack any nutritional value. They are made with fattening ingredients, like white flour, whole milk, fat, sugar, yeast, and individual flavorings, such as strawberry and chocolate. The calorie-filled snacks are also fried in various oils. Cake doughnuts, like cinnamon and blueberry, are made from baking powder. Meanwhile, most other doughnuts rise from yeast, such as Boston cream and chocolate frosted selections. Regardless whether doughnuts are made from cake or yeast, they still add fats to your bloodstream and contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Homer was advised to lose his belly fat by limiting the number of calories he ate to 1,400 a day. His doctor said that a single doughnut has about 15% of Homer's suggested intake of calories for an entire day. After all, each doughnut contains 10 to 12 grams of fat, much of which is harmful saturated fat. Sure, doughnuts contain a pinch of vitamin A and B, but absolutely no vitamin C whatsoever. Doh! The carbohydrates found in doughnuts may give you a quick burst of energy, but will only make your body crash in no time.

Homer was lost. He had no idea what he would do without his daily supply of colorful doughnuts. Fortunately, his doctor has a sweet tooth as well. The physician suggested that Homer should begin baking his own doughnuts, replacing white flour for whole-wheat. Honey should be used as sweetener, and all of the oils and creams should be replaced with yogurt. It took a little getting used to the new texture, but Homer can now enjoy baked doughnuts with almost half the number of saturated fats and calories. Who knew that Homer could effectively slim down his fat belly without totally sacrificing his beloved doughnuts? Woo Hoo!


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