Monday, December 19, 2011

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss - The Healthiest Solution

In America alone, 60% of people are too fat. The same is probably also true in other western countries. This means that the majority of the weight loss solutions available don't work. This article is to show you why healthy eating for weight loss does work.

There are a myriad of diets available promising weight loss., Some work, but probably the majority don't. And the reason they don't work can be because the promoted diets are either too rigid or are just plain unhealthy, so you can't sustain them.

Diet pills try to suppress your appetite. The results are variable, but even the good ones don't address the cause of the problem and can have long term consequences.

Exercise programmes are an excellent way to increase your level of fitness and health, as long as it is achievable and suited to you. Many aren't. And exercise alone will not help you lose excess weight.

Some diet plans which supply you with prepared meals can leave you feeling unsatisfied. And if you have looked at the list of ingredients on some of them, you can be forgiven for being horrified. Many of the added flavour enhancers, colourants, preservatives, etc are harmful to your health. Those foods which are responsible for stacking on the pounds are often replaced by other, unhealthy foods. One 'bad' food is swapped for another.

Bariatric surgery is not only expensive, it is fraught with real dangers, even death. Even when it has gone well, the results can be very disappointing.

The fact is, most people suffer with excess weight because their bodies are badly malnourished. It seems odd to think than someone who is overweight could be malnourished. But that is the very reason why they ARE overweight.

An excessive appetite is a cry of help from your body. A cry for real food, for nourishing food, for food that allows your body to function as it wants to, as it should.

The standard American diet is a very sad affair. It is full of unhealthy food, which may be convenient, which may be cheap, which may even be tasty. But these reasons alone should sound alarm bells in your head. Convenient food is rarely nutritious food. Cheap food is never quality food. Tasty foods can be laden with chemical copy cats of real food, none of which is in the interest of your health. Or your weight.

The solution to excess fat is to learn what the healthy foods are and to eat those in abundance. And to learn what the unhealthy foods are and avoid them like the plague. You cannot separate your health from your weight. Combining healthy eating for weight loss is not only a win-win solution to two problems, it is a permanent solution.

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