Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Possibly Unsafe Side Effects of Plant based Dieting Products

If you pay any attention to slimming products, then you are well aware of the hundreds of available products. The appeal to products that are more natural is not lost on people who provide these kinds of diet products. Just about anything that contains references to all-natural or herbal will draw interest. Nonetheless there really are some considerable issues with this entire strategy and usage of a majority of these ingredients. Initially, many people see the words, organic or herbal, and they believe the product is safe. People tend not to question the essential safety of these items, plus they are unaware of real potential risks to health and life. Not only will there be unsafe interactions with common drugs, but the herbal products often times have their own problems. Another likely problem is present because some individuals may be hypersensitive or prone to side effects while others may not.

But there exists far more to consider in this entire scenario with weight loss products. Possibly most of the ingredients have never been fully studied by respected and neutral research. What does frequently happen is a company will pay a research laboratory to complete research on a specific substance. As is straightforward, that shows certain concerns including unbiased research. So it is no real shock when the results are good and the promises are fantastic. Regrettably, most of the people do not even take the time to consider these arrangements. The clear potential loser in these products will be the people who buy and take them.

Out of all the herbal diet supplements in the past, hardly any have been significantly studied. Ephedra does actually work when combined with caffeine. However, you may recall that ephedra was prohibited in the US not many years ago. Well, amazingly enough something brand new appeared on shelves, hoodia. Fortunately, some solid investigation has been done on hoodia, but definitely not enough. You should know that hoodia can present dangerous potential side effects for certain people. The way hoodia works is it stops the ability for the brain to recognize thirst and hunger sensations. If you might be curious to take a look at hoodia, then you should find out a lot more about it.

Here is a very good example of what can take place with unproven, untested herbal dieting ingredients. A weight reduction herbal product was sold in Belgium which resulted in kidney failure for approximately a hundred people. Another percentage of people endured permanent kidney problems. Also, there was clearly evidence of lesions that were cancerous in a number of the kidneys that were taken from those people. What in fact happened was the incorrect herbal ingredient was included in that particular diet product.

There is no doubt that herbal plants have their place in alternative remedies. However, clearly any person must exercise extreme caution. Unfortunately there will almost always be a percentage of people who will never exercise good judgment in these circumstances.


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