Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deadly Sugary Drinks for Women

Most restaurants do not offer an entree of 25 packs of sugar. It just is not on the menu. Shouldn't it be on the menu if consumers throw down more sugar than just 25 packs in a usual day? It may sound absurd, but consumers are downing this much sugar in as much as one soft drink. The health factors of sugar have been crammed down our throats for decades, but there is a new fear stemming from sugar intake that not many people had brought to the table.

This fear focuses on women's intake of sugary drinks. Drinking two or more sugary drinks each day puts women at a very large risk for high triglycerides and diabetes as well as lowers good cholesterol. Sugary drinks are easy to stack up on each day. The woman may chug an energy drink or coffee filled with sugar and cream in the morning then a soda with lunch and sugary fruit juice with dinner. Though the woman may not feel she is overindulging on sugar the body is being attacked by sugar particles threatening her health.

For years we've heard sugary drinks cause women and men to pack on the pounds. Sugary drinks expand the waistline over time leading to weight gain. This might cause some with a small frame to think they have the green light to drink whatever they want because the pounds just never seem to stick. The truth is that sugary drinks affect all women big or small the same way in the bloodstream. Fructose in these drinks is toxic and metabolized in our bodies from glucose. Also heavy soda consumers produce fat that affects blood pressure which directly affects heart disease and diabetes. This type of belly fat is not only hard to get rid of, but can be toxic to the body.

Men should always keep an eye on sugar intake, but sugary drinks do not seem to hit their system the same way as women. Women's bodies need less energy for metabolism than men making it so that one soda for women may equal three for men.

Some women may still want to order those 25 packs of sugar to get their dose of sugary goodness. Sugary drinks are something that even in moderation may not be worth the health disadvantages. If one drink can lead to heart disease just think what a few orders of that 25 pack sugar special will do to the body over time.

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