Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cut Down Belly Fat - Best Methods Overview

To cut down belly fat permanently is not an easy task. Once it's there, it's nearly impossible to get it off. Sure, there are some shortcuts which produce fairly quick results, but none of them are very healthy and I definitely can't recommend them for the long run. What I can do is share some tips, which take a little time to reach the desired goals, but in the end, they will benefit you greatly in your plans to cut down belly fat.

All right, here we go. First of all, let's take a look at your daily food intake. If you prefer pizza for dinner and can't live without your daily beer supply, you must understand that you're on the wrong track. It may have been OK in your college days, but as the years go by your metabolism changes and it gets harder and harder to maintain that once toned and youthful body. So what should you be eating then?

What Foods To Eat To Cut Down Belly Fat?

White bread and pasta are a big No No. They contain 'fast' carbohydrates, which spike insulin levels in your body and cause your belly fat to grow. The same goes for potatoes and white rice. All these products can be replaced with their 'darker' counterparts, such as wheat bread and brown rice. If you want to go really hardcore and achieve even faster results, you can try and ban all carbs from your diet altogether. The only right times when your body needs those carbs is immediately after a workout and right after getting up in the morning. That's it. During the rest of the day you can provide your body with necessary fuel by eating quality high protein foods and lots of vegetables.

Be warned though. This diet is not for the faint of heart. What's the point of having a nice six-pack if you're feeling cranky all day, right? You really don't have to be so strict about your diet to see great results, just watch what you eat and avoid the obvious calorie pitfalls such as junk food and alcohol.

Cut Down Belly Fat by Working Out

Most people don't realize that it's not enough to develop a proper diet to lose belly fat. Physical exercise plays an even bigger role here. By putting your body to work, you are burning calories at a tremendous rate, far more than you would have achieved by not working out.

However, and this is something I see happening at the gym every day, it's pointless to perform hundreds of crunches day after day. Abdominal exercises target specific areas of your body, resulting in toned muscles but not in loss of belly fat. Your six-pack will stay hidden under those layers of fat until you implement a total body workout in your routine. What do I mean by that? Since it must be common knowledge by now, that spot reducing belly fat doesn't work, you must engage in some physical activity that burns fat in your whole body. Some examples:

Aerobic Dancing

By performing these exercises a few times a week, you will supercharge your metabolism and cut down belly fat in no time. The point is that your body will be forced to burn body fat for energy, belly fat included. A nice side effect is that this process goes on long after you're done working out. The effects will last for days.


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