Monday, October 17, 2011

Alpha Lipoic Acid Weight Loss: What Is It?

Many people have used alpha lipoic acid weight loss though it still is used for other purposes. But since we are only talking about weight loss, we shall only look at how it works in relation to weight loss. ALA as it is commonly referred is a fatty acid which is capable of dissolving in both fats and water. So you now understand that it has a connection to weight loss.

Where can you get ALA?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, ALA does not necessarily have to be found as a chemical. There are natural fruits that contain the nutrient in substantial amount. Liver, broccoli and spinach are among the foods that have been found to be rich in ALA. However, for those who believe more in convenient forms of nutrients, there exists supplements in the market that are rich in the nutrient. In fact, it is absorbed better when it is taken orally with water. However, be cautious when you o for the supplements because they at times they are not what they claim to be. If you can get ALA in the natural form, well, it is far much better. In fact, if you would love to experience the numerous health benefits, try and take multivitamins rich in ALA as well as other nutrients like minerals and vitamins or even herbal extracts. Because besides helping in weight loss, ALA also has other health benefits.

How does it contribute to weight loss?

The tissues in the body often grab each and glucose that is taken through the blood system after meals. This is done using the insulin hormone. But after the meal, the insulin makes sure that no fat is delivered to our blood. That means that the body can not burn the excess fat and instead stores it. The reason the body stores it in form of fat is because the glycogen contained in our body is rather small hence it can only be stored in form of saturated fats. If this is not stopped, then we begin to add weight as the excess fats keep accumulating.

Hence the role of ALA becomes essential. It mimics insulin. Since the problems involved are about the little glycogen and accumulating fats, it comes in handy by increasing the transportation of glucose. This way, more glucose is directed into the muscles. At the same time, less fat is accumulated as a result. Another advantage is that ALA enhances the sensitivity of insulin making it easier to improve our body's muscles and reduce fat, the very first step in weight loss.

Thus, if this sounds like the perfect weight loss plan for you, try eating foods that are rich in ALA. It also is quite convenient for those in body building since you will find more muscles begin to build up. But remember; go for the natural alpha lipoic acid weight loss. The supplements are a bit expensive and may contain side effects. In addition, I may just mention that it has benefits in regard to skin care, diabetes and liver health.


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