Friday, August 26, 2011

Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easily

Learn some simple tips to lose weight fast and regain your health! Although each tip individually may not make you burn fat, when combined all the tips work great together. The more tips used, the better.

What you should first realize before getting these tips to lose weight fast is what "fast" actually is. Many people think that five to ten pounds per week is good. This, however, is actually too much of a fat drop within a week. Studies from scientists have shown that the maximum amount of healthy fat cutting per week is only two pounds. Anything more than that is unhealthy. In addition, more weight loss than two pounds is usually not fat, but a combination of other things such as water and muscle.

Your goal is fat reduction, not muscle loss. And here's why:

Tip 1: Muscle Mass

For each pound of muscle your body has, you burn around an extra fifty calories per day! So, the leaner your body is, the more calories you are burning on a consistent basis without doing anything! This is why it is a good idea to add strength training to your fat burning plan.

Focusing on burning fat while building muscle is a full proof method towards reducing fat that many people don't know about. They're too busy focusing on weight loss that they don't realize how effective having muscle mass actually is.

Don't worry, strength training while dieting will not make you become buff and muscular. Contrary to popular belief, gaining muscle is very difficult. If you are worried that lifting weights will make you too buff, realize that the buff guys get this way through eating a lot as well as working out intensely and consistently.

Tip 2: Fat Burning Foods

The next useful tip to use to lose fat fast is to start eating foods that are fat burning instead of foods that cause you to gain fat! There are many foods that it into such a category such as:

· Fruits

· Vegetables

· Legumes

· Beans

· Peanut Butter

· Almonds

· Walnuts

· Tuna

· Most All Types of Fish

· Lean Meats

· Protein Powder

· Whole Wheats

The list goes on and on! Simply replacing unhealthy foods with these types of foods can greatly help you with your goals.

Tip 3: Don't Eat Out Often

In our modern world, it is a very common thing going out and eating at a restaurant or fast food place. However, these places often serve foods that are filled with excess calories and unhealthy ingredients. Because of this, I recommend limiting how often you go out to eat to only once per week. Any more than this will greatly hinder your fat loss efforts.


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