Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinch Me! Squeeze Me!

Majority of the total women population in the world suffer from cellulite. Factors such as hormonal imbalance, race, age, hereditary inheritance, metabolism, and diet all contribute to the formation and development of cellulite. Although it is generally composed of fat, together with water and toxins, cellulite doesn't only affect overweight individuals. In fact, some obese women don't have the condition, while ironic enough, thin ones have it. Cellulite is not inherent to obesity. But, what really is cellulite and why most women dread it?

Cellulites are fat build-up that lies just underneath the skin's surface. Improper blood and fat circulation allows the cell to retain fluid and store up toxins. It is the female growth hormone, estrogen, which glues fat tissues together giving fibrins the opportunity to trap the clump in a connective network. The result is the lumpy and bumpy appearance on the surface of the skin.

In the midst of all the cellulite treatments, from the invasive to the non-invasive, that each claim that they can eliminate the condition totally, one natural method stands out. This is anti-cellulite massage.

Massage is a natural healing therapy that is helpful in detoxifying the body. In the case of cellulite removal, the technique stimulates the massaged area to change physiologically which includes the loosening of fat tissues and the process of natural excretion through the kidney and liver. Moreover, the benefits of applying oil extracts and lotion makes the skin suppler and smoother. Here are few simple steps to massaging your way to cellulite-free body.

1. Pour a liberal amount of lotion or oil extract onto your hand and gently apply it over the cellulite affected area. These products help lubricate the hand so it glides smoothly over the skin and reduce friction. To effectively obtain the desired objective of reducing cellulite, use topical products that are specifically formulated to react against fat. Among the essential oils that generate the same cellulite-reducing effect are rosemary, ginger, and grapefruit.

2. Heat is an efficient means of opening up the pores and melting fat away. In order to generate heat, maneuver your hand in a kneading manner by applying pressure. This technique releases muscle tension and induces relaxation.

3. Work the skin by gently pinching and squeezing the affected area. Make sure that each massaging action is directed towards the heart

4. Apply controlled pressure by making stretched broad rubs throughout the body and towards the heart. This will help the deposited toxins to ease out from the fat cells so it can be excreted after.

5. Drink plenty of water after the massage as this stimulates the flushing of toxins already circulating in the blood vessels. Increased levels of water intake in the succeeding hours will likewise speed up excretion.

To get the lasting benefit of an anti-cellulite massage, it should be done on a regular basis at an average of four times a week. Doing it daily is not healthy. Also, be sure to choose a trained masseuse. Massage has its share of risks when performed by an inexperienced person with consideration to the pressure applied on the nerves.


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