Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can't Lose Weight No Matter What You Do?

A question we receive a lot in our health & fitness business is, "Why can't I lose weight no matter what I do?" Many of our clients, students, and customers, come to us saying that they've been on X, Y, or Z diet for awhile and nothing is happening. Fat loss is either way too slow or it has stalled out. Or, no weight is being lost at all. And this is happening despite consistent exercise and healthy eating.

What's going on here?

When we deconstructed what people were doing, we found that the diet programs they were trying were in fact solid, and based on good nutritional science. In theory a lot of the diet plans they were using should have been working to help them lose fat. But despite people's best intentions and efforts many times EVEN the best diets were just making things worse. What we've discovered is that it's not the diet programs themselves, but simply your body that's not responding because of internal issues and poor digestion. If you cannot lose weight no matter you do it's because your body's metabolism and digestive tract is 'damaged' in a way. (Don't worry, this isn't as scary as it sounds and we can help you correct it). Your system has been pounded by years of poor nutritional and exercise choices. So, when given a diet that technically should help you lose fat, your body can't do anything with it.

We call this state 'turbulence'. Turbulence occurs when your body cannot digest the food you're eating properly (no matter how healthy it might be). This leads to a whole slew of other health problems, but primarily it leads to excess body fat and the inability to lose fat. What happens is that debris from poorly digested foods accumulate in your digestive tract until essentially your insides become clogged and backed-up with mucus...

...and your body refuses to thoroughly digest the majority of the food that you eat. What we've found is that when your body is in this state of 'turbulence', insulin, which is a hormone responsible for fat storage, is shuttled after your meals to deal with the undigested foods. And this ultimately leads to blood sugar crashes. And blood sugar crashes lead to poor metabolism and fat storage!

During turbulence, your body cannot get all the nutrients it needs from the foods you're eating (this is why even healthy eating can't solve this). When your body doesn't get the nutrients it needs it sets off the 'starvation' mode signal in your body, which tells the body to hold on to additional body fat 'in case of emergency'. This is why good digestion is SO important. If your body isn't digesting the food you eat properly, then it doesn't matter what you put in it. The scary part is that once you reach higher levels of body fat, your body actually stores more of your energy as additional body fat? Turbulence, the state you're likely in right now, is one major reason why traditional diets just simply don't work, and why you cannot lose weight despite your best efforts.


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